The Institute of Human Nutrition (IHN) administration facilitates educational programs designed to expand clinical, public health, and basic science nutrition knowledge. We support faculty, researchers, and students as they foster collaborations, nationally and internationally, among other universities and institutions with common goals.

As a part of the Columbia University Medical Center, we strive to create a supportive learning environment for graduate students. We try to be helpful, resourceful, knowledgeable, welcoming, friendly, and efficient in all our interactions. We work as a team to ensure the administrative components of the IHN’s academic programs run smoothly. Through these core values and evolving flexibility, we contribute to the growth and development of staff members, students and faculty, and thus support IHN as a whole.

Faculty Administration

IHN Staff

  • Yonnette Beaton

    • Budget and Finance Manager
    • Finances and accounting practices management
    • Budget development
    • Vendor and honoraria processing
  • Sarah Bergren, MS (she/her)

    • Senior Manager, Education Initiatives
    • M.S. program admissions
    • Continuing Medical Education (CME)
    • Development of education initiatives
    • Alumni affairs
  • Zachary Corter (he/him)

    • PhD Program Coordinator
    • Ph.D. Program admissions, registration, & funding
    • Ph.D. Program advising & support
    • Point of contact for PhD Seminars
  • Arielle Harding (she/her)

    • Communications and Marketing Coordinator
  • Mary Ellen Raposa, MEd, LPC, NCC (she, her, hers)

    • Career Services Counselor

    Professional development, career and leadership strategies

  • Alexander Sosa (he/him)

    • Senior Administrative Coordinator
    • M.S. Program recruitment
    • M.S. Program advising & student support
    • Event programming
    • Instructional Technology support
    • Point of contact for IHN Retreat
    • IHN DEI Committee (Admin representative)
  • Charmain Watson (she/her)

    • Assistant to the Director
    • Assistant to the Director, Institute of Human Nutrition
    • Assistant to the Chief of Preventive Medicine and Nutrition
    • Point of contact for DeWitt Goodman Seminar Series
    • IHN DEI Committee (Admin representative)
    Charmain Watson headshot