Message from the Director

Sabrina Diano, PhD

The Institute of Human Nutrition (IHN), established in 1957, is dedicated to the advancement of nutrition research and education. Our mission is to improve the health of individuals and populations worldwide, through our research, education, and policy outreach activities. 

Sabrina Diano, PhD Director, Institute of Human Nutrition

As one of the few nutrition institutes housed within a medical center, the IHN interacts with high-level investigators throughout the Columbia University Irving Medical Center (CUIMC) campus, which allows our students to access the complete range of laboratories conducting research related to nutrition. Our IHN faculty incorporate nutrition research and education into the biomedical science, as well as all medical and public health fields–all which are found here at Columbia University. 

Graduates from our MS and PhD programs work in a variety of fields: medicine, research, private industry, and more. 

I invite you to spend a few moments with us as we highlight the wide range of research opportunities available in the IHN, where you will discover more about the Institute and the individuals working to advance the highest standards of research and education.