Clement Lee, MD (MS '12)

February 22, 2023

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My time at IHN was wonderful and eye-opening, and being exposed to so many aspects of various health professions was a major plus. As a current pediatrician and internist, I still use many of the nutritional concepts I learned when taking care of kids and adults alike. I also have grown to love writing and now work for the New England Journal of Medicine- very surreal to consider that we read the Journal's papers in our journal clubs at the IHN and I now get to experience firsthand the manuscript process.

Is there a memory that stands out from your time at IHN?

I remember distinctly sitting in a lecture about food-borne illnesses and learning for the first time that certain bacteria could lead to post-infectious paralysis (i.e. Guillain-Barré). This really sparked my interest in the medical field and launched my journey to becoming a physician.

What skills or values do you think are essential for being in your professional field today?

My time at IHN taught me critical academic skills, including reading and dissecting medical literature, communicating to a medical community effectively, and applying difficult medical concepts (such as the Krebs cycle!) to patient care.

What is growing in your field today?

There is an increasing awareness that physicians are not adequately trained in nutrition, and in many subspecialties and disease states there is still much that we don't know about the effects of food on the body. We would welcome all nutrition aficionados to consider entering the medical field or partnering with us!


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