HLPE Committee on World Food Security

Food security and nutrition (FSN) is a global concern for billions. Facing the challenges that are part of this complex issue requires input and cooperation from a wide range of stakeholders concerned and requires an integrated approach on every level, from local work to large-scale efforts. IHN, Columbia University, and the High Level of Experts on Food Security (HLPE) of the United Nations Committee on World Food Security (CFS) have partnered to tackle this critical problem by exploring a range of factors and their potential solutions.

Previous special seminars have included:

  • The main findings of the HLPE report on Sustainable Agriculture Development for FSN, including the role of Livestock
  • Exploring the role of HLPE in identifying Critical and emerging issues for FSN in the overall perspective of the Agenda 2030
  • An initial discussion on the implementation of sustainable development goals (SDGs) by different stakeholders at different levelsĀ