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Preview our application form questions.

Our MS program application for Fall 2022 is closed.

Our Fall 2023 application cycle will open from December 2022 - July 2023. The exact dates will be posted closer to the application open date. Any adjustments to our admissions timeframe will be posted online. Students are admitted on a rolling basis during this time frame and we encourage applicants to submit early as it eases the process of transitioning to a Columbia student, allows ample time to look into financial aid options, and provides incoming students with the best opportunities to receive on-campus housing. 

We are a fall-start-only program. 

How to Apply

  1. Complete your application form (i.e. the text part of your application) in one sitting and submit your $95 application fee.  
    1. Once your form is submitted our admissions staff will create your individualized application checklist and you will be able to further edit your application before submission.
    2. Contact us at to inquire about a needs-based application fee waiver. 
    3. Preview our application form questions via the link above directly under the Apply Now button.
  2. You may upload accompanying documentation via the application portal after your initial application form submission.
    1. Letter of Recommendation providers noted on your application form will need to submit their letters to
    2. Official documents and letters of recommendation will be uploaded by our admissions staff.
  3. Once you are satisfied with your application you will submit using the button at the top of your application checklist within the application portal.
    1. An admissions staff member will review your application to ensure all items are complete before your application is sent to the Admissions Committee.
  4. Our application portal will notify you when your application is under review and when your final decision is ready for you to view via the application portal. 

We recommend you review the Application Prerequisites and Application Requirements below, so your materials are ready when you go to apply. 

Reach out to with questions. 

Application Prerequisites

  1. An undergraduate degree from an accredited institution. 
    1. International students must have their transcripts translated to the US grading system before submission. (There is an exception for international programs that use the US grading system. If you are unsure if your program uses the US grading system, please contact our admissions staff at
    2. Students may apply while they are finishing up their undergraduate degree coursework.
    3. Unofficial transcripts should be submitted along with your application to use for the initial review. 
  2. Satisfactory completion of at least one semester of each of the following courses: biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry.
    1. Accompanying laboratories are not required.
    2. One semester of biochemistry is recommended, but not required.
  3. International applicants may need a TOEFL or IELTS score.
    1. If your native language is English or your undergraduate degree is from an institution where English is the primary language, you are NOT required to take TOEFL or IELTS test.
    2. Official scores must be submitted from the testing site to or the following mailing address: Institute of Human Nutrition, c/o Education Officer, Columbia University Irving Medical Center, 630 W168th Street, PH1512 East, New York, NY 10032.
    3. ​TOEFL minimum score requirement, 100.
    4. IELTS minimum score requirement, 7.0.
    5. Unofficial score records should be submitted along with your application to use for the initial review. 
  4. Official graduate-level test scores are strongly recommended, but not required.
    1. ​The Institute of Human Nutrition requests that you submit test scores if you have them, but you should not take a test just to apply to our program. The Admissions Committee will reach out to applicants to discuss options if they are unable to make a final admissions decision without test scores. 
    2. Graduate Record Examination (GRE), Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT), or Dental Admissions Test (DAT) are regularly accepted.
    3. Official GRE and DAT scores can be mailed directly to our offices using school code: 2173 and department code 0214.
    4. Official MCAT scores are obtained using your AAMC ID number and a score report verification code provided on your application.
    5. Unofficial score records should be submitted along with your application to use for the initial review. 

Application Components

You will be asked for the following items while completing our online application.

  1. Official transcripts from all institutions attended.
    1. Transcripts must be mailed directly from the institution or the verified third-party transcript service used by the institute.
    2. Electronic copies are preferred. Paper copies are accepted.
      1. Direct electronic copies can be sent to
      2. Paper copies can be mailed to: Institute of Human Nutrition, c/o Education Officer, Columbia University Irving Medical Center, 630 W168th Street, PH1512 East, New York, NY 10032.
  2. Two letters of recommendation.
    1. Students who have received a degree in the past five years are required to provide at least one academic reference from faculty at that institution and are encouraged to provide at least two.
    2. Students more than five years away from their most recent degree are encouraged to provide at least one academic reference.
    3. The Admissions Committee accepts committee packets that have been assembled on an applicant’s behalf for other healthcare programs.
  3. The application prerequisite items (listed above).
  4. A personal statement.
    1. Tell us why you are interested in the Institute’s MS program and how it fits with your personal goals. Please keep your statement to approximately 500 words.  
  5. A CV or resume.
  6. A nonrefundable $95 application fee.
    1. Submit online along with your completed application.
    2. Email us at for information on an application fee waiver.


Post-submission, you can enter your application portal to check on the status of pending accompanying materials (such as letters of recommendation, official test scores, and official transcripts), see the status of your application, and receive your admissions decision. Most admissions decisions are returned within 4-6 weeks. 

Your application decision will only be listed through our application portal and will not be directly delivered via email. When your admissions decision is ready, we will send an email prompting you to check your application portal to view a change in your application status.

If you are admitted to our MS program, you must return your admissions decision within the timeframe stated below. 

Timeline for Returning Offer of Admission Decision

Month Admitted: Decision Due

  • December, January, February: 4 weeks from your decision release date
  • March, April: 3 weeks from your decision release date
  • May, June: 2 weeks from your decision release date
  • July, August: 1 week from your decision release date

I've been admitted, what's next?

Congratulations! If you’ve been admitted to our program you will need to follow the steps below.  

  1. Accept or reject your offer of admissions via our application portal within the decision turnaround timeline listed below.  
    1. You will need to pay a $500 program deposit when you accept your offer of admission.
    2. Admissions Turnaround Timeline
      • Admitted in December, January, or February: You have 4 weeks from your admit day to return your decision.
      • Admitted in March or April: You have 3 weeks from your admit day to return your decision. 
      • Admitted in May or June: You have two weeks from your admit day to return your decision. 
      • Admitted in July or August: You have 1 week from your admit day to return your decision. 
  2. Activate your Columbia UNI.  
    1. Your UNI will be available within 1-2 weeks of receiving your acceptance notification.
  3. Your UNI will allow you to do the following: 
    1. Look into financial aid options at Columbia. 
    2. Apply for student housing (starting in April).  
    3. Connect to our new student Canvas site.  
  4. Activate your (Exchange) email account.  
    1. Your email account will be available within 4 weeks of receiving your acceptance notification.  
  5. Begin working on your New Student Checklist on our student Canvas site.  
    1. Access instructions will be sent to you along with your UNI. 
  6. Prepare to attend our mandatory Orientation and Start of Classes week at the end of August. View your complete academic calendar here

I've been waitlisted, what's next?

  1. Waitlisted applicants can upload additional documents or statements for our Admissions Committee to review during their next waitlist review meeting.  
    1. These documents should be uploaded to the Addendum section of your application. 
  2. Check your application portal for decision updates. 
    1. If there is an update to your application decision it will be available via the application portal. In this instance, you will also receive an email notification prompting you to check the portal.  
    2. Our Admissions Committee reviews the waitlist monthly. 
  3. We recommend waitlisted applicants review their financial aid and student housing options so they are ready to act should they be admitted to the program.  
    1. Tuition and Financial Aid 
    2. Columbia University Irving Medical Center Student Housing 

Are there any scholarships available?

U.S. students accepted to the M.S. program may apply for the limited needs-based scholarship. The scholarship-which we are grateful to be able to sustain from its founding the last year-is in place to support historically excluded communities in health professions, with special attention for applicants who are mindful of the critical perspectives on the social determinants of health. The information can be found on the M.S. Key Program Information (K.P.I.) Canvas page, made available for all accepted students.

Please contact Kim Hekimian, Ph.D., Director, M.S. in Nutrition Program at for more details.


Please visit our FAQ page for commonly asked application questions. 

Our staff is here to assist you with the application process. Contact us at with questions.